I Lied, Only Trying to Survive

I’ve missed family meals, outings with friends, or had to leave early sometimes. If you could peel away my face and see what I am feeling, what I am thinking, what I am fearing, what I am imaging, things that worry me…you would recoil in fear. Terror, to be perfectly frank.

Not understanding actions of a troubled loved one? Ask for help understanding, and listen. Listening, which is beyond hearing, could make all the difference in the world. It is not overly-dramatic to say, you might save a person unnecessary pain, or even save their life. Understand, any given day, though it was fought and conquered the days before, could be THE day.

At least, that’s my world. I venture to say it is the same for many with BP.

No Coincidence 

I love this new adult-coloring fad. (Let’s face it, though, many of us have been secretly coloring for years in order to prevent curling into the fetal position and breaking down!) I do actually enjoy the artistic bit of it. Shading, choosing colors that will go together, and so on. Look at this one that I completed the evening before I began putting this site and blog together. Then, I noticed what I colored. Psalm 20:4 …grant my hearts desire and see that my plans succeed… God, obviously. Of course. Always.

Interesting, no?