The Three Faces of Eve…er…Bipolar



So, I find Multiple Personlity Disorder, which I believe is now known as DID – Dissociative Identity Disorder – utterly fascinating. Numerous personalities, totally different people all within the core host, handling life for the person when they cannot. Usually, that’s due to trauma of some sort.


When I think of my Bipolar experience, I feel like I have a few people knocking around inside of me. I don’t lose time and blackout, though, which I believe those with DID do sometimes. (If you suffer with DID or know someone who does, and you have better or more accurate info, please do share. I would love to hear.)

Point is, there are at least three of me, and truthfully, probably more. Depressed Jen is apathetic and cannot move. That usually leads to Anxious Jen because important things are not getting done, who in turn brings out Paranoid Jen. Good times! 👍

Manic Jen – she, nor anyone unfortunate enough to be in her lethal  path, stand a chance. That’s definitely another personality, another person. You can’t convince me it’s not. (Not all mania is giddy and euphoric, by the way.)

Again, I aim for Stable Jen to conquer Depressive Jen and Manic Jen. That proves mighty difficult, though. The quest to tame these moody gals is utterly exhausting.


10 thoughts on “The Three Faces of Eve…er…Bipolar

  1. As always you are spot on with describing the duality and complexity of our bipolar experience. I once knew a woman with D.I.D. …it was an online friendship so I never met her face to face. She said that most of her “identities” were aware of each other, and often took the “Back Seat” so to speak when they were stressed . Her Pdoc said she had other personalities that were not integrated and that they were unaware of having D.I.D. …this is when it gets difficult, when personalities are unaware of their duality , integration can become too traumatic …… so I guess what I’m saying is that although bipolar is hard and can be almost unbearable ….things could be worse

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    1. Absolutely, totally agree with you. I’ve been fascinated with DID since I was a young kid. And efforts to integrate. Did you ever see the movie, Identity? And Split is out for streaming and purchase now.


  2. it’s so awesome reading this post because I was always fascinated with DID… it got to a point where my depression was so severe I wanted to conjure up another personality but I couldn’t… guess my depression isn’t tragic enough… great post!

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  3. I have DID. While I do have times where I black out or have no memory of a certain period of time, it isn’t always like that. Sometimes I’m co-conscious. That’s like being along for the ride but not at the wheel. I’m aware of what’s going on. It can be incredibly frustrating. Sometimes, after a co-conscious switch, my memory is a little foggy at first. I have a blog about my life, being multiple. Feel free to follow me. I’d also be happy to answer questions. The stigma around DID is terrible and I’d love to show people the reality of it instead of what horror movies portray.

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    1. With my Bipolar episodes, there can be some dissociation, but nothing like DID from what I’ve read and been told by my psychiatrist. That’s scary enough. I cannot imagine what you go through. You must be very strong and brave.

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      1. This is just how I’ve always been. I don’t know any other way. I didn’t know what happens in my mind wasn’t normal until I was diagnosed and started learning about DID. I think whether it’s DID or bipolar, it’s a struggle. I think you’re brave to be open about your bipolar and strong to continue to fight it.


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