Thief in the Night ~ So Why Did I Enjoy It?

Quick shout out to hypomania scaring off my sheep and taking my mind hostage. You gave me tons of great ideas last night – for things I’m writing, ideas I’m developing and even dancing. It all felt intelligent and fluid, creative and beautiful. Indeed, I shone at 4 am. Still feeling fantastic now, at 6:05 a.m. Even have that adrenaline going in my stomach that I’m starting to taste, which means I will crash in the next few hours. Sick and most unpleasant. Physical pain, too. I honestly hate you, Bipolar, even though I was on top of the world a short while ago.


But hey, you’re a liar, and liars lie.

7 thoughts on “Thief in the Night ~ So Why Did I Enjoy It?

  1. Night time is my time ….and yes, 4 AM knows all of our secrets …. The description of being able to taste the mania and the oncoming depression…. so true. How many people would even understand this concept….not many ….. I do understand

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  2. Boy I’ve been there, such a fleeting exhilarating feeling. But the crash is nothing if not awful. Beautifully written my friend…keep up the wonderful posts 🙂

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    1. Crash is awful. Nothing like it, that I’ve ever known. Barring the death of loved ones. The dichotomy is that I, for one, forget the heinous, despicable feelings of the coming fall during hypomanic spells.


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