Don’t We Deserve Silver Linings?

Is there ever a benefit to hypomania, recalling your experiences and history? If you experience it, do you crash hard when you come out of the hypomania? Have you ever found it to be helpful in completing tasks, and possibly feel creative and artistic, but not to the extreme mania stage?

If you have any thoughts you’d like to share, I would love to hear them. Whether it’s you, loved ones, therapists…?

I will be sharing my experiences later. Thanks for stopping by.


3 thoughts on “Don’t We Deserve Silver Linings?

  1. I spent almost all of my late 20’s 30’s 40’s and into my early 50’s in a hypo-manic episode. ..My Pdoc said this was very unusual , and in all probability led to some brain damage….he joked with me it was a good thing I was so smart to begin with 🙂 . My hypo-mania led to a very successful career in the computer business . Of course I also experienced many of the other not so fun side effects of hypo-mania . I did many risky behaviors and to keep things in confidence , I am not going into details here . I had seemingly unlimited brain power and energy . My employers loved me . I worked insane hours and out ranked all of my fellow sales people . I broke several sales records …….eventually I escalated to a psychotic episode. Months of trying diff meds, I slipped into a major depression……since my early years of diagnosis , I have never repeated the pattern of hypo-mania and psychosis . My bipolar life now is one of low level depression most of the time

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    1. I have quite a similar story. Lived in manic state for years. Little sleep. Worked 60-80 hour weeks. Raised a toddler. Risky behaviors and spent tons of money. Psychotic break with a new marriage, lower lumbar story (including all meds in hospital and **steroids** after), my MIL’s death, and losing my house.


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