I’m Uniquely Qualified, Sucky Life and All…

So yeah… a couple of hours ago I posted about wanting to run and hide.

I had told family and friends that I filled out an application to be a CASA volunteer. I did not receive any immediate support, encouragement or ‘atta boys. More importantly, my enemy, Bipolar Disorder, immediately began yelling at me saying I’m no good, what possible help can I be because I’m screwed up myself, who do I think I am…

Few hours later after an anxiety attack, sweats and vomiting, I came to this conclusion. Because of being *screwed up* I am a great candidate.

Unfortunately, I know all about abuse, CPS, therapies for children, court dates, placement visits and juvenile justice.

So… I don’t care. The enemy can kiss my ass. I am moving forward with it, if CASA will have me.

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