6 thoughts on “Danger, Will Robinson

  1. Definitely a danger we all face with bipolar and steroids. My medical doc gave me a script for Bontril because I’ve gained 35-40 pounds in the past 9 months. I want to try it, though I got the script filled, I’m holding trying it until I see my psychiatrist on May 1. I know he’ll disapprove. At this point though, my weight is causing all kinds of other issues that are detrimental to my health. I am hoping he will agree to monitor me closely and let me try it.

    Praying you get over your infection quickly and can get off the steroids.

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  2. Jen, this is something that is almost unnatural to have to deal with ! Yikes ! Modern medicine has wonderful cures and ways to manage illness ….but throw a little bipolar in the mix and geesh it can get ugly….I hope you feel better soon

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