A Simple Truth…Even if It’s a Bummer

“I don’t hate myself. I just don’t want myself.” ~Jen Curry (that’s me)

Sometimes people cannot understand apathy. I experience it in deep Bipolar Depression bouts, and sometimes with anxiety. I have no better way to describe the total lack of interest in life and self.


However, that quote I threw out there is the best way I’ve ever come up with in use of describing it.

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month.

IMG_20170501_205510_367So, I talked about a piece.

Ever forward.

2 thoughts on “A Simple Truth…Even if It’s a Bummer

  1. Apathy is very hard for me. I am normally a very passionate person. I get into/get enjoyment from many things in life. When depressed, I feel flat. Nothing affects or excites me and life with no passion or excitement is horrible for me. The lengthy period of apathy I experienced over the winter led me to eat, and eat and eat. I cared little about personal hygiene or exercise and gained a whopping 46 pounds in the past 6 months. I now must struggle to lose the weight and try to maintain a level balance and avoid going into hypo maniac state.

    Good topic Jen.

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