Cycle That Continues to Make Me Ill

How do emotions manifest in the body? I’m going to add a link that includes a well-written article.

I absolutely 100% without fail know that when I’m struggling with Bipolar episodes, my body, including fibromyalgia and chronic back and foot pain, definitely feels worse. I ache more, at times the pain is so bad that it’s difficult for me to catch my breath.

Now, this is just what I think happens to me. No idea about others with MI. As I said,  for me, I think when my emotions are too much to handle (without lots of pharmaceuticals) 😉 my body begins hurting and acting out, like a toddler would.

All of that to say, my mind and total being can’t cope sometimes, so what happens? Well, my ovarian cyst makes its presence and pain known. Then, my focus shifts back to the cyst.

And it takes no rocket scientist to conclude  that is just going to feed the beasts. Emotional ailments feed the physical self, and then once the body has had enough, it feeds the emotional beast. And so on. And so on. If you draw what I’ve described, what do we see? A circle. An endless, yet infinite cycle. Round and round. That’s my experience.

Link to fabulous article right there.⬇⬇⬇




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