Circles at 3am


Something I’ve been thinking long and hard about took shape tonight into something both profound yet simple. I could finally see it somewhere other than in the jumbled up mess that is my head. It’s a circle, dude. A Circle.

Yes, you heard me correctly. A good old geometric circle, like “comes around full circle” 360° sort of a circle.


Simple and easy are not always walking along hand in hand, though, are they?

What we do to people, and what they do to us. Simple, right? Simply heartbreaking.


So, I’m gonna aim for my circle description in steps.

Step 1. Someone harms you, like deep in your soul agony. Like parts you didn’t know you had were set ablaze, and then you begin wishing you didn’t still know you had those parts. ♨

Step 2. You hate the person, or snub them, or gossip about them, or take revenge, or cry a ton because they hurt you… I mean, they burned you, right? Now, it builds, festers, and allowing oxygen to reach those embers… till BAM! Fire!!! 🔥🔥🔥

(ADVICE: Step two is not a fun step. Totally not cool. I highly recommend opting out of step two before you get burned!)

Step 3. You realize you’ve hurt people. 😧Damn, really?

“But I didn’t mean to… they took it wrong… I was having a rough day and just sounded rude…well they did this and that to me…” Gosh, listen to myself spew excuses. 😝😳


Step 4. Think for a sec. 🤔 Are you always a crummy ass sort of person? Or do you just do crummy things sometimes? Most of the time, it is the latter, and most of the time without planning or malevolence. Do you set out to deeply hurt and wound someone? Of course not. So, now you see where I’m going, don’t you? Most of the jerks in step two that hurt you DID NOT INTEND TO DO SO. And for others, *you are* the crummy turd in step two!

arrow circle

Step 5. Blast it! 😡😠 Now, I can’t hate them. Now, I have to acknowledge that I see a bit of them in myself, and worse, myself in them. We all make mistakes, and then strive to – learn to hush and listen (not just hear), take ownership, practice asking forgiveness and extending forgiveness (even if not requested, acknowledged, or accepted), strive for patience and live, pray to see and feel their hearts…

This blogger here thinks the biggest (and hardest) step is to learn to love the offenders, faults and all, and extend that same forgiving love to ourselves.


Step 6. Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Love this person with whom there is pain. Learn to forgive them.

Forgive (1)

Round and round, cyclical.

Loving & Making Circles.

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