I found this quote interesting for a couple of different reasons.


I was going to ask what you think – do we with Bipolar have a hard time with boundaries? How so? Can’t respect others, or cannot establish and maintain our own? Or both?

(By the way, I think both.)

Then, I looked at the bottom of the image and who stated the quote.

Claire Danes. As in, Homeland on Showtime, Claire Danes.


Danes is quoted in interviews as saying her character, Carrie Mathison, is Bipolar and brilliant at her job because of it. What sounds bad, you say?

Well, Carrie often quits her medication cold-turkey so that she can solve whatever national or global danger is lurking just around the corner.

Stopping meds like those with Bipolar take is unsafe…as in manic, psychotic, hallucinatory episodes emerge, sometimes severe withdrawals and seizures, sometimes even death. Even more misleading, once the character saves the day, sometimes she goes to a mental health hospital, but other times, and this is the fallacy, she just starts taking those meds again and in a few days is back to her leveled-out, stable self.

Wrong. Doesn’t work like that. False. Untrue. Fabrication. Misleading. Dangerous. Irresponsible.

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7 thoughts on “Misleading

  1. Agree with you 💯percent! From personal experience I can say the temporary “feel good high” of me unmedicated quickly turns ugly. The dangerous self destruction I cause myself and the heartbreak I see in my loved ones eyes, make in totally NOT worth it!
    I think I personally have trouble in both areas concerning boundaries as well.

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    1. Ditto, my friend. We are in it together. I do think I am establishing and maintaining boundaries better. I think I’m invasive and cross boundary lines when hypomanic and manic. Maybe sometimes when in incredible anxiety bouts.


  2. The misrepresentation of going off meds, becoming the super hero crime fighter then going back on meds is a total lie. And a dangerous one at that ! Not only is it misleading to a “normie” but it also sends the incorrect info to a bipolar person who might be watching this TV show and they decide to go off their meds si that they can have clarity……any of us who truly walk a bipolar walk know this is NOT true

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