14 Reasons Why I’m Not Freaking

So…yucky news. My husband is being laid-off, end of July. So, the search is on for positions here where we now live, and the company (nationwide) is searching out relocation options. So far there have been two pop up on the radar.

blog stress 1

I do love it here. The spacious house. The birds. The deer. The large yard. The river. The slower-paced community. However, we will have to make difficult decisions soon. Stay here and gamble, hoping he finds a new job ASAP, or accept one of the relocation offers. We just moved here last year.It would be the second move in a year’s time. Additionally, what about my mother who lives with us now. She can hardly walk after the surgeries and is about as good as she’s going to get physically speaking. A senior community or assisted living might be in her future. Her near future. Additionally, it would most likely be best that I put my two upcoming operations on hold for now.

So, how the heck am I staying calm even though I’m a very emotional and anxious creature?

blog stress 2

  1. Prayer and trust in Jesus – we have been here before and He took care of us.
  2. Listening to soothing music and white-noise type sounds.
  3. Going to make an appointment with my therapist.
  4. Finding silver linings, such as my son having more kids to hang out with (this is mostly a retirement community and that’s been rough on him).
  5. Not allowing myself to sleep during the days and give in to what could easily become depression.
  6. Distraction (mostly artsy type stuffs).
  7. Mindfulness, which includes prayer.
  8. Movement…just continuing to move by doing things like stretching exercises.
  9. Planning – looking at the relocation cities and what they “have to offer” such as neighborhoods, rent, cost of living…getting some answers instead of wondering about everything, which would spike that anxiety. I like having a Plan B.
  10. I have good friends who listen and sometimes offer advice.
  11. Perspective. None of us is dead, you know?
  12. Breathing exercises.
  13. Not borrowing trouble. I will have to face it when it is time anyway. No need to waste energy now.
  14. I do have PRN medication for anxiety if needed, but not so far.

I am sure I have forgotten some things, or will “employ” more as I go, but that is what is helping now. I feel pretty stable. I’m hanging in there.


blog stress 4

I have rather a good feeling about it just now. We shall see what is in store.

5 thoughts on “14 Reasons Why I’m Not Freaking

  1. ***sigh*** what bad timing for your husband to be laid off. Moving is near the top of the list as “Stress”
    I know I went through agonizing stress in regards to my move to Arizona. The chaos in my mind was unbearable at times. Finally, I just got down on my knees and asked the Lord to direct me to where HE wanted me to be….after that I had a calm come over me and I knew moving was the right thing. Even at that I have had a hard time readjusting ……. Sounds like you are doing the right things, looking at alternative places to live ETC…. As for your husband finding a job in your current location, you will need to explore the possibilities that he can stay in the same line of work and that you will continue to be able to afford your current living conditions….. Now about Mom ? Placing my Mom in Assisted Living was a VERY difficult choice. One that she resisted for a long time. But she finally saw the benefits for her living situation…. as always Jen, I continue to have you in my prayers

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  2. Oh Jen, life always has a way of keeping things interesting. Unfortunately, the days where you stayed and worked at the same company for 40 years is over. I’m happy to hear you are using your coping skills and looking forward. Like you said after all, you can’t control it so put it in God’s hands. I always know he watches after us and he knows what our plans will be. Don’t fret, he’s got your back. I am thinking and praying for y’all, take care sweetie 🙂

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