5 thoughts on “Shattered

  1. This article made me sad and then angry. If you look at the comments it makes me want to kick those a holes in the butt. It’s things like this that make is afraid to tell anyone we have this. Also her pastor didn’t help her either 😦

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    1. Exactly. A lot of it comes down to education, or lack thereof. Church and pastor were shaming her, but didn’t see it that way because they believe we don’t need the meds. There’s a lot of knowledge that a lot of people need – all of us, really. Feels overwhelming.


  2. Years ago people with disorders like bipolar would be put away in an asylum and left there to rot. There were not meds to help these people. We’ve come a long way since then with MI treatment, but then there are people like that pastor who condemn people with MI making them believe they have a spiritual or behavioral problem. That if they only had more faith they wouldn’t be sick. This attitude has injured a lot of people and I, too, think it’s go to stop. I personally believe that God made it possible for us to have medications and therapist to help us with MI. What can we do to stop the stigma an condemnation?

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    1. I’ve been thinking about what more I/we can do. I know talking and pointing things out with blog entries like this help. I know people from 57 other countries have read my blog. How would I ever have had a conversation with them before social media?

      Celebrities sharing their stories help.

      I plan to become more involved in DBSA and NAMI.

      I think one thing I am going to personally do is reach out to my family and friends and say that I imagine they must have questions, or wonder why I am the way I am sometimes. And I’m going to *ask them* to please ask me and let me talk about it with them.

      I’m networking quite a bit. I believe we need more events held. Where/When/How I do not yet know.

      I’m trying to figure out what the options are, and I have been encouraged to write a book.

      Part of starting this blog was to figure out where I could do the most good.

      I believe that many well-meaning Christians believe they are helping us By advising against meds and mentioning scripture and going to the Lord with our anxieties. I belueve most of them believe that will do it all. They don’t know what it is on the inside. I don’t believe most are trying to shame someone facing mental issues, but unfortunately, it is still shaming us, despite the ignorance. Maybe more events with church staff and members speaking of exactly what you said. God gives gifts to each person. So, yes, I feel my medication and therapy are God-given through my healthcare professionals. I think there’s a lack of misunderstanding there, though. Churches, without meaning to be, can be the worst…in my experience, three times over now. My son was driven out of a small Christian school because they knew he took those meds. He was 12. Rough.


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