It’s Really Quite Simple

Everything is right. Is well. Family safe. Getting to know my sister again. Friends and I are talking. Household chores and errands are up to date. My husband’s new job pays a bit more. Mom is able to walk with her walker more often. My cat is health and full of shenanigans. My son is doing outstanding work at school. I’m going on a great trip in Oct.

So… why sad? Not just a little down or blue. Like sobbing, wailing, wanna give up sad.

Because that’s part of Bipolar, and the chemicals that seem delighted in saying, “Nope, not so fast.”

I feel so bad and want it over.

5 thoughts on “It’s Really Quite Simple

  1. That’s the curse of this illness. Everything can be good in our life yet we are depressed. The only thing we can do is talk to our pdoc/tdoc, maybe get a med tweek, and pray for relief. I hope things turn around for you soon.

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  2. i have to say it, hon. you know it’s not your fault or the circumstances or situation. it’s that brain chemistry is sometimes a b*tch. and not the fabulous kind you want to be sometimes when you’re feeling on top of the everything and all “bring it on world!” i’m wearing my 3″ stilettos today, wearing posh lipstick, smelling like roses, and going to have lunch at the IT place in town; no, brain chemistry is sometimes the kind of mean girl we all hated in high school. the one you secretly wanted to punch in the face, wished would have horrible acne breakouts, and do something embarrassing in the caf because she acted so high and mighty all the rest of the time. back then i tried to console myself that the mean girls would eventually somehow get their comeuppance. i realised it works better for me to ride it out and wait for my turn at being a fabulous b*tch and enjoy my highs. i’m sending loving (((hugs))) you way whilst you ride out this low, keep believing your turn at fabulous is on its way.

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