Losing Time

I am realizing how much time I’ve lost lately. Do those of you with Mental Illness have trouble with this?


I cannot remember the time period or the goings-on, which can be hours or days. I seem to communicate very little during what I call my “lost time,” and I have no memory of most things during said time.


I cannot figure out if I’m really losing time, or extremely depressed and apathetic, or lack of sleep affects me…..

Probably (maybe) the answer is:

D) all of the above?


One thought on “Losing Time

  1. all of the above. and yes, i’m losing time badly. it scared me a bit the other day because i was supposed to go to dinner with my brother’s godparents and i was TWO hours late. i don’t know where the time went or how i let it slip away from me like that. it’s worrisome because losing time tends to be an indicator of depressive episode for me. i’m trying to be more aware of my surroundings and checking the clock more, and setting alarms. we’ll see if that helps. in any event, i need to be more present. and i think that means it’s time for a med tweak.

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