10.10 Conversations

Share something you’ve personally experienecd, or a way you’ve helped, regarding mental health on Tuesday, 10.10. World Mental Health Day.

Me? I wanted to give up. To actively choose no longer having to face this agony called Bipolar Disorder, and all that comes with it. I chose to draw on my strengths and faith, and live for my son. Depression’s lies and beatings didn’t cause me to be the worst thing to happen to my son. I’m around, and not perfect, but I’m around. And I know what it is for a parent to be gone while you’re still a kid.

So, I fought, and eventually, even thrived. And it is something I actively choose to do over and over again.

All for my son.

5 thoughts on “10.10 Conversations

  1. Today is my mental health anniversary of sorts. A few years ago, I had suicidal ideations and went into the hospital for the first time as a bipolar person. Today, I’m on a vacation adventure in Turkey. I’m happy I’m still around but remember that place I was in.
    I’m glad you are still around with us too. Your posts are great!
    Reece Chenault
    @frolaboration :: Twitter

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  2. I made an appointment with a mental health counselor for the first time in my life. I don’t ‘think’ I have any serous condition. I could be fooling myself? Although suicide ideation has been a part of my mental fall back thoughts when thing go wonky. I just watched a video by Stephan Molneux about mental illness being a myth or the psychiatric community always being too quick to prescribe pills. Pretty interesting view.


    1. I think the reasons you laid out describe exactly why I researched what my psychiatrist suggested…online, with others in the same position, and second and third opinions from specialists. Additionally, in my case, my counselor/therapist agreed based on what she had seen in the past, still reminding me she was not a medical doctor.

      It’s good that you’re paying attention and checking, I think. Can’t go wrong at least asking questions.

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