2 thoughts on “14, Flowers and Christmas

  1. Happy anniversary! I really like the santa/elve thingy beeing upside down! You’re totally right. Having something to look forward to lightens up the darkest days of our illness – at least a bit. Have you ever tried to put a little dose of happiness in every day? Sounds simple, but it’s not. But maybe you want to give it a try. Suffering from bipolar disorder since the age of 4 it took me decades to o find. The right recipe for me. In my case, beeing treated in a psychiatric hospital in my late thirties gave me a hint to that. I don’t know, if working therapie has ever been an issue for you – you know, sitting in groups, doing weaving, tinkering, painting and so on. For myself, I found satisfaction if not happiness in doing woodwork by building bird houses, making christmas decorations or other wonderful gifts. And, well, I stick to that till today. My wife has grown a habit in saying that everyone profits from that kind of self herapie but her, but it gives me joy to create all these things in oder to make other people happy. So, everyday, especially on black dog days, I work a little bit on my projects and eventually find some releave and/or peace of mind.

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