Photos Telling Mania Truth

Hate, hate, hate hypomania/mania. Want to sleep, but my mind won’t shut up! Body itching.

Below: 18 hours with no sleep, feeling frustrated and angry.



Below: 24 hours without sleep, feeling full of grandiose ideas!



Below: Have lost track…think it’s 32 hours with no sleep. Mind has tons of *fabulous* (sarcasm) ideas bouncing around in my head, but body aches and hurts, and I’m flustered and desperate feeling.



4 thoughts on “Photos Telling Mania Truth

  1. Can soooo relate to the sarcasm of hypomanic “fabulous” ideas. I can also relate to the lack of sleep even though your body is beyond exhausted.

    I am still recovering from my major manic, at times psychotic episode, from last year. I am too embarrassed to face MANY people in my small town after I shared my grandiose “fabulous” ideas with ANYONE who I happened to encounter. 🙄

    I wish I hadn’t been so angry, adamant and defiant of any of my loved ones attempts to reason with me. I’m lucky my sisters and a few good friends have stuck by me. I may have more friends who are willing to forgive and forget, I just can’t face them yet.

    I envy your self photography talent. I just can’t hardly stand to look at selfies I’ve tried to take.

    ((((HUGS)))) Jen! As we all know sometimes life with BP sucks but it will swing back to happier at some point. Praying it happens soon for you and you get some restful sleep my friend. 😴💜💤

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  2. Uh, its so tough to go that long with no sleep, you’re a trooper. Youre tougher than me, I melt after one day of not resting. im a big baby!! Hope Jesus helps you with some rest, take care big hugs!

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