Compliance, Really? More Control Measures?

No. Absolutely not.

My opinion for myself and my welfare, as well as my son’s. I spoke to my 18 year old son, he was adamant with his opposition, as well as a friend of mine.

Compliance? I fear that equals control measures. Do I want to be tracked? Do I want to be tied to my doctor, insurance, Medicare and big pharma about my compliance? About suggested medication? No.

I welcome any thoughts, even polite debate. Polite though, please.

3 thoughts on “Compliance, Really? More Control Measures?

  1. The slippery slope I am considering…and I can’t believe I would say it, however could this be useful for those who have committed crimes??? I totally OBJECT to being forcefully medicated or tracked, again with the however…if my choice was incarcerated or agree to take meds that track my compliance…not sure what I’d pick?

    Last year I was involuntarily committed to a psyche hospital for 7 days, this after about 24 or so hours in jail after a serious manic/psychotic episode. I needed meds to get stable and resisted taking them for weeks. I had not harmed anyone, though I did things to make others afraid of me and what I might do. I was unwelcome in family and friends homes. The time confined where I had to take meds to progress to discharge, led to eventual stability, and my freedom.

    So after rambling on and on…my thought on meds that track compliance?? I say the slippery slope of it scares the hell out of me, but for those who commit crimes and harm others due to untreated mental illness, I say maybe it is worth considering for condition of parole.

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