12 thoughts on “BLANK

  1. ME ALSO!!! Sleeping my days away. My mom said it’s the weather and seeing that many of this are experiencing it, maybe it is the weather. Yay! I hate depression.

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  2. I’ve been over sleeping myself. It seems easier to deal with depression in that world of unreality called “Dreams”. My dreams are usually quite colorful and amusing. I wake up slowly….wishing I could stay down there in “Dream Land”. On occasion my dreams are very disturbing and dark. Those are not fun and coming up out of those dreams leaves a darkness in my spirit…. Either way, I know I am sleeping too much. It’s avoidance behavior . This I know. But I do it anyway. It’s easier than “Real Life” . MUST break out of this cycle …….but how I ask myself , when my brain chemicals do not co-operate with how I want to feel ?

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  3. I can empathize Jen. I seem to be right there as well. I sleep more than anything this past week or so. Saying hang in there seems woefully in adequate. I wish I had a magic wand to bring us all to a better feeling place. Hoping the low doesn’t get too tight of a hold on you my friend, I’ll say an extra prayer for peace and light to surround you.

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  4. I’m reading this from my bed where I’ve pretended to be sick all day. I went to the hospital and they refused to admit me. So they sent me somewhere else that was so unhelpful. You know, the kind of please where all they do is to watch you from behind a thick sheet of glass. I don’t even know who the sick ones are, the patients or the ones behind the glass. I feel for you. I miss you. I got locked out of my Facebook account for 6 months. Even built another account. Now that I’m back in I think I’ll delete the extra account. Love you. Hope you feel better. – Anna


  5. I’ve been sleeping a lot lately too. Just want to stay in bed and not get up. I really don’t feel depressed, just want to sleep my days away. Sorry you are feeling lonely. I hope it lets up soon.

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