Traveling for an emergency appointment to see my psychiatrist about six hours away. Lesson – don’t ever take for granted that my Bipolar is overall well-managed and I’m okay to see my doctor every three months. I made it for two years like that. Won’t happen again, even though I trust this doctor and he’s known me for six years. This is absurd. He is too far away! I could easily end up in the hospital.


This blog is supposed to log the good and bad, and all the in-between’s. This is probably the worst I’ve felt since I began this blog.


8 thoughts on “LONG DRIVE WHEN ILL

  1. ((((HUGS)))) Jen
    As someone who was so totally out of control a year and a half ago, I’m glad you are making the emergency visit. Letting things get to the hospital level is, as you know, a nightmare.

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