24 and Counting, Face of Bipolar

Twenty-four hours plus (24 hrs +) with no sleep.

A Face of Bipolar ~


The fabulous ideas I had last night but could do nothing about because everyone else was asleep, now appear to me as insurmountable and unrealistic for sure. I’m reminded of something a friend said recently in response to one of my blog entries. Paraphrasing, she said she’d forgotten she once had hopes and dreams. I’ve heard so many friends with BP  (met through a support group) that, despite every effort, have fallen short and not achieved what they wanted. I hope God points out to us that we’re in a different place than we planned for a reason, though we may not understand, or even want it. For those of you reading who are not Believers, I hope you can figure out with the help of friends and loved ones that something positive came, and continues to come, from something crummy and awful.

Because to me, if we can’t find or help develop the good, then what the heck are we even doing here.

7 thoughts on “24 and Counting, Face of Bipolar

  1. I do some of my best work in the dead of night… I’ve been known to rearrange furniture, paint rooms, draw comics, even yard work. I live alone, though, so I can’t bother anyone doing stuff except my dogs. Lol. I never had dreams… it’s a weird realization I had a few years ago. I’ve been just floating through life since forever. I never really thought time would actually happen. I feel like that’s one of my earliest delusions. I wish I could get a do-over… but I just keep trying to do something worthwhile with what time I have left with mixed results.

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  2. As a believer in Jesus. I have come to the conclusion that my walk with Jesus has never never ever been an easy walk. My walk has been one of constant trial and tribulation. The scripture that says HIS BURDEN IS LIGHT …always baffled me . Because my Christian life has never been “light”…… then it occurs to me . My family and friends who have had that easy peasy walk with Jesus . No financial burdens , no major health crisis , they have skated through their Christian life with ease and without troubles……OK……I now realize with my Christian walk I have HAD to rely onJesus . I have HAD to believe on the scripture WE WALK BY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT…because my “sight ” was not seeing an easy life . But my spirit knew that the scriptures were true, because God does not lie . I KNEW that someday I would receive a reward for my faith. I KNEW that my Jesus would never forsake me ….. I do not boast here ….. But I also believe that I am going to be seeing a beautiful reward for me in Heaven because I have believed . For people who have had an easy Christian walk, I’m almost sorry for them, because perhaps they have never developed a closer walk with Jesus …those people took their earthly blessing without fully realizing they came from a loving God and not by their own works ….anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is that those of us who have struggled….wait for it …Heaven has our reward !

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  3. All so very true, when your able to be brilliant its always the wrong time or place then when time is right your unable story of my life but hey i am not particularly religous but i do believe we are all on journey a path set out for us and that we can affect the path we are taking but not really change it and that we all have a job to do an important one and that is why we are the way we are because only we can take on such a task and it requires our amazing skills


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