7 thoughts on “The Edge of Letting Go

  1. Boy tonight, I hear you sister! Mine in physical pain rather than emotional at the moment. I keep putting off Dr Appts with my internist as I do not want to be tested into further debt. Some nights I pray to β€œ…die before I wake” I’m not suicidal, just tired of it all.

    I know in my heart that days of joy…Spring flowers, getting to paint with a friend, reading an awesome book, seeing a great movie or episode of a favorite tv show, or hearing a beautiful song are in my future.

    They are in yours too…right now hang on, by a thread if you have to. Giving up…you just may miss out on what is possible and that would be a shame.

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    1. My pain is both physical and emotional right now, so it’s a perfect storm. It’s setting my brain ablaze, and I cannot calm myself and give myself the pep talks, positive words, Bible sctipture, etc that I need. When I don’t have a grip of things with my mind, and I start worrying about the rest of my life, a life filled with chronic physical and emotional pain and turmoil, I panic.

      I hope you feel better soon, Gina.

      I hope soon that I have the desire to hold on because something good will come along.

      Just gotta hand this over to Jesus, but I know I am not doing that as wholeheartedly as I should.

      I just keep breathing and trying.

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