6 thoughts on “Wash Out

  1. Jen……..you are writing a Blog that is followed by hundreds of people. You have a gift for sharing emotional concepts that most people can’t . You are in no way a failure ! You have a bright mind. It’s no wonder you yearn for more education. If you want it, I’d say give it a try !

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  2. I feel the same way. I became a single mom last summer and realized I needed to find a way to provide for myself and my kid’s futures and going back to school seems like the best way to ultimately accomplish that. Yet one of the reasons I quit school and never went back was because of my anxiety. Those last few semesters I was in school were so hard. People suggest doing it online like that automatically means there won’t be any stress or anxiety associated with it! When I can’t even keep a single room in my house remotely clean or organized, how am I supposed to do any kind of schooling? Such a hard decision to make. So, in a way, I know where you’re coming from. Prayers coming your way with whatever you decide!

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