What does Bipolar look like?


I’m curious if you would be brave enough to share with me your first impressions of someone with Bipolar. Whether you knew them first and later discovered their mental illness? Or, for example, if you heard someone at work, who you hardly knew, has Bipolar Disorder. Your initial reaction.


As for me, some *family* called me crazy and pill-popper, and that’s just the stuff I know. The other folks I’ve told were attendees at the same church as myself (some years back) and *coincidentally?* these folks no longer wanted to be my friend and outright began ignoring me. As well, some stopped their children hanging out at my home and having fun with my son. My son and the kids didn’t understand. I was devastated. I’ve had the most painful things said to me from church-attendees.

Do you have good or bad stories to share? Would you care to share a photo – display the faces of Bipolar?

(I promise I will monitor and moderate replies, so that there is no cruelty and slandering.)


Traveling for an emergency appointment to see my psychiatrist about six hours away. Lesson – don’t ever take for granted that my Bipolar is overall well-managed and I’m okay to see my doctor every three months. I made it for two years like that. Won’t happen again, even though I trust this doctor and he’s known me for six years. This is absurd. He is too far away! I could easily end up in the hospital.


This blog is supposed to log the good and bad, and all the in-between’s. This is probably the worst I’ve felt since I began this blog.