I’m checking in with you guys.


I’m alive. I’m okay… if I’m describing my emotional state. Maybe a little on the downside. The reason I’ve not written much, however, is due to the chronic physical pain I experience. I had a bit of an accident in the house, and basically everything hurts!


I guess I’m realizing as I type, that truly the pain’s got me somewhat down.


Anyway, I’m okay.

The point of this blog is to capture and share everyday life with these illnesses. Otherwise, there’s no accurate, true representation.

I will try harder to pull it together.

So… how are you? What’s up in your lives?

3 thoughts on “Alive

  1. I can relate to the pain getting you down. Since my fall on the ice 12 days ago, I have also been dealing with more than the usual amount of pain. I hate feeling like I am 20 years older than I am. Arthritis is a bitch!

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  2. Sorry to hear about your accident ….did you know that some psych meds have listed as a side effect “Accident Prone”…..geesh, those dang meds mess with every part of our lives.
    Since my auto accident I have been suffering from chronic pain. This is a rather new experience for me. Waking in the early morning hours because my back is screaming. I get up, do my stretches , have a cp of de-caff coffee,read FB and then usually go back to bed for a few hours . I hope your injury recovers soon

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  3. I have chronic pain and can relate especially to the weather changes making life so much more painful. I’m sorry to hear about your house incident and hope you find relief soon

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