12 thoughts on “HOPE

  1. I am struggling with the idea that my back pain is going to be with me for the rest of my life. Having bipolar was bad enough . That took me years to come to grips with. I accepted my diagnosis right away, it was a relief ! But acceptance took longer . And now this back pain . I know that movement helps to alleviate the pain, but sometimes the pain is so great all I want to do is lay perfectly still in bed ….for hours .

    Manageable ? I am not on pain management , I just slog my way through the pain.

    A nice cup of morning coffee helps

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    1. Yeah, I could’ve written this instead of you. And yeah, coming from one who has dealt with back surgeries and pain since 1997, I hear you about acceptance that it’s a new crappy thing to add on top of BP. You can’t see pain management, why again? Your GP could try Lyrica, or maybe y’all already discussed that? And can prescribe Voltaren gel. Maybe there are cost issues? Lidocaine rub on and BioFreeze rub on help *sometimes.* Any help is better than no help at all.


  2. My pain has ended, for now. I have been pain free for a few years. My meds work, and the years of therapy I’ve had helped too. Tomorrow, however, the pain could return, but I don’t live my life worrying about it. I try to live for today and not worry about tomorrow as best I can.

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  3. I long for the day my physical pain ends. I try hard to look and see others who have also painful conditions and still persevere. I pray that God guides me thru and I try to breathe and be thankful that mine is not worse than it is. It is hard when there is no position that offers relief though.

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  4. I don’t have any pain, but I live with my husband who has chronic back pain. He is in pain management and they put him on Subutex. Its a pill that dissolves under the tongue. It works really well for him. Just wanted to share that info. In case you want to look into this, maybe it can help? I hope you get some relief.

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  5. I agree with the others. I mean, ultimately, pain ends when we die, but until then, not all pain does go away, whether physical or mental. Sometimes you find ways or things that help, and then sometimes, you just live with it because there is nothing else you can do.

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  6. At the beginning of my journey, I wanted the pain in my back to end. Now I know I have to live with it, but I was given tools to deal with it (medication, therapy). When ending the pain is not possible, making it somehow manageable is the second best solution in my opinion.

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