BLACK ~ 4.4.18

Here’s a thing. Great mood or not, Johnny Cash music speaks to the situation every time. 🎡🎢🎧🎡🎢🎧 The Man in Black. Every single time.

As for me.


It’s not peppy social media post type stuff. It’s the negative stuff most people fail to post.

SPOILER ALERT: LIFE (and its truths and this post) AREN’T ALWAYS PRETTY.

Miserable. That’s me. Okay? Miserable. So miserable and tired of fighting it. And for effin what? Even if I crawl my way back to the top, I’ll be back here soon. It is the reality I face with my day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month Bipolar. And I’m so extremely tired of the physical pain.

And I love you folks, I promise I do, but don’t tell me to pray it away with name it and claim it, and don’t tell me to drink a smoothie. Sometimes, it really is okay to say, “I have no idea what you face, or what to say, but I’m listening. I care. I’m here. It’s important to me you’re on this planet.”


10 thoughts on “Black

  1. It IS ok and although you don’t think so, you are awesome. For simply surviving everyday, for simply trying, ok scratch trying, insert breathing. And no-one else understands and thats ok. F*ck them and take care of urself ❀ as best u can. Because Bipolar ain’t no walk in the park, and if one more person tells me to be strong, I will strongly tell them what I think of that idea. Be mis, be you, and know that I sees u, with and without ur diagnosis.

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      1. Im battling myself. And the freaking depressive fog is persistent and ALOT UNDERwhelming. Exhausting. So Im searching for as much sunshine I can find. Its elusive some days, but worth the while when it happens. 🌞

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