4 thoughts on “Mania and Creativity

  1. For me , I don’t remember being particularly “creative” when manic. I do remember rapid speech patterns , to where people could not understand me.
    I do remember being very busy, staying up for endless hours , cleaning house or gardening. My creativity was expressed not so much in a typical art form, but in the very magical garden that I had. FUll of many types of antique pots, watering cans , tea pots filled with flowers……mostly I remember not sleeping when I was manic …..and interestingly ,many of Van Goah most famous works were painted during depressive episodes

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  2. Yea. My mania hasn’t given me creativity per say, but more like when I am manic and before it all falls apart, I am utterly just in a moment of ultra focus and that lets my creative side free. Sometimes, all I can do is create. Mostly however, if the planets aren’t aligned and it’s not the third Wednesday of the next lunar cycle, I can’t hold that focus but, that’s my mania. Maybe others are different.

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