Catch Up

Catch Up. 4.26.18


Hi, all. Just wanted to drop a quick line letting you know I’ve been busy with unexpected travel three times this month, two of which were deaths in the family.

I’m in a lot of physical pain, and I’ve been hit with bad news after bad news. This weekend, I’m going to try to catch up and share a bit about this last month, as well as some thoughts on two HBO documentaries, and another I found on Amazon Streaming when searching “Bipolar.”


The documentaries are Off Label, I Am Evidence and Being Bipolar.

Thought I might also share some tips that help me stay sane and productive, with as little anxiety as possible while traveling.


I write all of this as a preview for readers, but mostly as a reminder to myself. That leads me to ask you a question.

*When you are down, does your memory suffer? If so, why do you think that is?*

7 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. I have never really thought about memory problems when I am down. I have problems remembering many things and rely upon my iPhone calendar to keep my appointments and my paper calendar planners and my journals to remember what is important. I am a list maker and use the Notes app on my phone to remember many things. When I’m down I don’t engage much with others and tend to shut down and sleep a lot.

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  2. OK..the format changed a little and I was confused. I used to be able to scroll down and find the “Comment Section” in white… under the Blog is a series of blue boxes showing the content of your Blog, along with one that says “Comment”. Anyway, I figured it out . Your question was . When we are down do we have memory problems ? My answer is a resounding YES ! For the past year, maybe slightly longer , I have been experiencing a low grade depression. Not so much the feeling of sadness, but one of blunting, and a bad case of the Blahhs ! my memory is shot ! I will be speaking to my Pdoc , I am someone who usually doesn’t do well on anti-depressants, but I feel like my life is slipping away and I am drowning in the Blahhs

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  3. When I am in a major depressive state I have a very poor memory and once I come out of the depression I can’t remember much of what went on during that particular time.

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