Curious About ECT

I’m curious. Those of you with Bipolar and/or other mental illness, have you tried ECT treatments? If so, why and how did it go?

I’ve heard a select few say it’s the only thing that has worked for them.

From what I’ve read, though it is no longer barbaric, it still isn’t completely understood as to *why* it works.

So, when I think of ECT, I cringe, but then I remember that most of these meds I take for the Bipolar, there’s not a clear understanding there either as to how and why they help. And i take several every day.

Any feedback or thoughts on this?

9 thoughts on “Curious About ECT

    1. Okay, excellent. Thanks so much for the link. I was just responding to someone else saying the stuff I’ve read says it’s short term memory mostly because they’ve fine-tuned it. My fear would be losing long term memories as well.

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  1. Jen, on the original bipolar site we met on , I had a friend who was a psychiatric nurse , with severe bipolar disorder. She had several ECT treatments through out her life. She said they did stop the depression. But the cost was she lost years and years of memories. She had 2 sons , and didn’t remember their growing up years. She remembered nothing of their school years , or vacations. She told me she wasn’t surre the sacrifice of so many lost years was worth it

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