Dear Brain Please Hush

Yesterday, I drove a six hour trip home from up north in our state. About four hours into the trip, the thought occurred to me, “My mind hasn’t stopped this entire time.” My brain does not shut up. Ever. It’s why, in order to go to sleep, I cannot lie in a completely silent room. My mind would wind me up even more than usual, and often severe anxiety kicks in as a result.

Even when I’m not upset or anxious, some chatter is going on, such as songs playing over and over from a certain artist. Even if the song cuts off, my mind is onto the next thing. I cannot keep up with the thoughts, whether good ideas for writing, projects I would like to begin, or obsessive thoughts about a small mistake I made at work a decade ago. There’s a ton of second guessing myself and past decisions, too.

Yes, technically they’re called obsessive thoughts, and I have racing thoughts as well. I honestly don’t care about correct terminology for now.

What I’m trying to say is I would love for my mind to quieten down sometimes. I think it’s one reason I’m enjoying audiobooks vs. written, hardback novels, for now.


Do any of you face this issue? I’m guessing some of you do. And can you get the chatter to stop? How?

Much appreciated. ✌ I love hearing from you guys.

6 thoughts on “Dear Brain Please Hush

    1. I do similar type things. Listen to a book or music.

      What about during the day, even when you’re doing “life” is there always something rattling around in there? Certainly true for me. Makes me so tired. Not sleepy, but tired.

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      1. Yes, my mind’s constantly loud even during the day. I don’t know how to fix it either. It’s why I can’t keep a job yet; I’m too unfocused. It’s good that you can still keep up with your work and other obligations.

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  1. How ever you want to classify them, Intrusive, Obsessive, Racing…. I find them completely annoying. On top of the never ending thoughts, I also have tinnitus . My tinnitus has tinnitus ! Over laying noise levels along with the mindless chatter is enough to make me crazy…. OH WAIT….. I AM CRAZY !

    How do I deal with this ?

    I stay up really late until I am so exhausted , I MIGHT fall asleep.

    I have an overhead fan , plus a fan on a stand . That noise seems to help somewhat .

    To quieten the conversations , I will pull my thoughts in . I imagine myself lassoing in my thoughts with a rope like a cowgirl.

    I sing hymns to myself and hold myself and rock myself . Sometimes that works, sometimes not.

    I often get up and down several times a night.

    Truthfully ………….. I end up usually staying up all night and sleep during the day

    OH…and when I do finally get to sleep, the medications I take cause Abnormal Dreams , so it feels like I’ve never slept at all.

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