An Unfortunate Rage

Unfortunate Rage, excellent article.

Unfortunately true of many with Bipolar, including myself. Though I do not remember such events (think screaming and throwing a fit on the front lawn where neighbors could see, or destroying a beautiful vase given to us as a wedding gift), my husband encountered them frequently and acutely for six months to a year. Finally, I was correctly diagnosed and began helpful therapy and medication.


2 thoughts on “An Unfortunate Rage

  1. Oh rage
    My primary expression of a hypo-manic or manic episode.
    Self harm.
    I didn’t cut
    I bashed myself in the face .
    I punched holes in the walls of my house.
    I broke things, almost exclusively things that I cherished , and later had remorse for destroying them.

    Therapy and meds.
    That’s all that ever helped me .

    I haven’t had a “Rage” in many years, the trade off is living life blunted and low level depression

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