Gotta Breathe

Gotta Breathe ~ 5.7.18

Hey, guys. Just a quick shout-out to all of the new followers in this last week or so. I’m sorry I hadn’t posted many blog entries in this last month and a half, but our family has experienced three losses, and we’ve been traveling and attending funerals, as well as one seminar. Just quite busy.

Anyway, what I wanted to mention is today I had my second epidural injection of Lidocaine in my back in order to help with chronic pain in my lower left back since three surgeries, and in order to help with fibromyalgia.

During this injection, apparently when the pain was quite intense, I was forgetting to breathe. So the doctor very wisely reminded me to do so, and I began taking in deep breaths and exhaling out. Within a few minutes, I was feeling much better and I was able to control the pain that I was feeling and my reactions to it for the rest of the time until the procedure was finished. Afterward, it reminded me of how we (those with mental health issues) are supposed to take care of ourselves with self-care daily, just as we do stretching, walking, biking, water aerobics, and just like we hit the gym – we are also supposed to do some deep breathing exercises, some progressive muscle relaxation, some guided meditation, listening to calm music & calm sounds – that kind of thing to help us keep a baseline of calm and to help us have the tools and equipment to later in the day handle any anxiety that comes up and any unforeseen difficult circumstances. The idea behind all of this is that because we practice self-care in those ways everyday, it will be an immediate reaction to help us get through the acute times of emotional angst and pain.

So, hopefully today I received an epidural injection that will help with my back pain in just a few days, and I know I definitely received a great reminder because I had forgotten to be doing the daily deep breathing and other exercises that can help.


Tell me, is there anything in particular that helps you with mental & emotional health self-care each day? I’d love to hear about it.


(image: Pinterest, saved by Nevine Sultan, PhD, NCC, LPC)

2 thoughts on “Gotta Breathe

  1. I pray.
    Well, actually I have a dialog with Jesus all day long. At night I will do a more ritualized prayer, starting with the Lords Prayer , and then expand on that.
    For personal care, I make a morning pot of coffee. I like to buy pricey coffee, because I only have one cup a day.
    I then open my Face Book, and read it like some people read their newspapers .
    Lately I have been attempting to go out and do a daily chore away from home. I have noticed an improvement in my mood .
    What I know I am missing, is a closer personal relationship with people. Even though I do live near my daughter, sometimes I still feel like she keeps herself distanced from me

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    1. I do similar with Christ. I call them *whisper prayers* throughout the day, the things I pray about and things I say thank you for. I too am trying to do more chores, errands and fun stuff outside of the house. I’m enjoying working in the yard. I’m also trying more creative stuff. I do have to practice my breathing so that it automatically kicks in during times of stress.


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