Anger Aggression and Violence from Bipolar

Number One is bound to push a few buttons.

My thoughts on the first item listed in the blog link attached? I think it’s a slippery slope. Yes, these behaviors and actions can occur, but we don’t want misunderstandings. We’re trying to end stigma, so we must be careful.


2 thoughts on “Anger Aggression and Violence from Bipolar

  1. Unfortunately, I have shown all those traits. Unfortunately, I was never warned of the true horror that would become parts of my life with bipolar disorder. After I was diagnosed, many many things became clear and made sense but it did not change the bad things that I had done in the past. Some of those things can’t be fixed and even though I took full responsibility, the damage was done. I have been the subject of many jokes and much gossip because of the crazy things I once did. The diagnosis did help me to understand my past behavior but it did not alleviate my shame and guilt even though I couldn’t help or control myself at the time. Today all I can do is try to live better and not get caught up in what I had or hadn’t done. For a long time I believed I was a monster who was born bad. The truth is that I have a mental disease and if I don’t keep it in check, it will destroy me. It’s not a free pass to act like an idiot. A lot of horrible things happened because of me as well as to me because of bipolar disorder and forgiveness works both ways. That’s the part that people forget.

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