3 thoughts on “Light Therapy

  1. Interesting . I take a mood stabilizer , yet also suffer from low level depression. Traditionally when I took anti-depressants they triggered manic episodes . I have found that bright light causes me to feel very agitated . Although I did not follow the directions limiting hours . Maybe that would help ?

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    1. Maybe. I’ve not used one. I know heat more than light sends me hypo/agitated/extremely irritable. My car has a tinted sun roof. I just open the cover, and light comes in, not heat. I drive a lot, so that helps. And plenty of Vitamin D. I do the best I can.


    2. I too take a mood stabilizer and anti-depressant. The latter my doctor and I suspend if I begin a manic episode. I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing when to take the AD and when not to do so.


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