OPEN ~ 6.1.18

It’s an absolute crime not to get up from my seat and walk over and open the blinds to allow sunlight in and see the birds flying about. It seems I cannot will myself to get up and do it, though. The cat seems intrigued as to what’s going on out there. Hmm.


I’ll have to look and open the blinds, just because I don’t want to do so. It’s important for me to take steps like that and not slip into a rather deep, dark hole.

I’m feeling alone today. Have been for a few days. I feel like even though I am busy and ill, I take the time to reach out to others, but I don’t feel any reciprocation. Not from friends or family.

I just want to retreat further within myself. Trying not to, though.



6 thoughts on “Open

  1. The distancing and feeling like people are not caring ? You know that is a Brain Lie ? Of course it is !

    Living in the desert where the sun is brutal, I leave my blinds shut and have sheers over the top of the blinds. It’s all an effort to keep the too bright light and heat out .

    Plus I have no song birds to watch.

    Keep trying

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    1. I know that it often is a brain lie, as you termed it. However, I do think sometimes we tend to allow cruddy behavior from family and friends because we don’t set up proper boundaries.


  2. I felt this very thing a few evenings ago. I have been busting my butt helping my sister get moved as well as helping a few friends with stuff and in doing so have let my own living space turn into a cluttered mess. I was lamenting to my friend Tim on how I felt overused and he reminded me of other times my family helped me, but at the time I just needed to vent. I prayed and slept and woke up with a better feeling.

    I often think of and pray for friends I don’t see daily and rarely I suppose do I let them know how much they mean to me or reach out to see how they are. I hope you open the blinds today Jen, it looks to be a beautiful day! ((((HUGS))))💐

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  3. I don’t have any helpful wisdom for you. But I do know that I appreciate your friendship and your reaching out to check on me. You are very sweet and I cherish your friendship.

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