2 thoughts on “Love Yourself

  1. Oh my. Self love ……. I don’t know…is it selfish ? Were we taught as American women to put other people first and we have forgotten how to love ourselves ? Do we , as bipolar people castigate ourselves for past misdeeds ? Do we feel worthy of love , much less that of loving ourselves ?

    I need to focus on the fact that Jesus loves me …This I Know, For The Bible Tells Me So !
    That helps me to love myself. For who is wiser, smarter than God ? Not me for sure. So if GOD thinks I’m worthy of love , I guess that says I am worthy !

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    1. Definitely agree with following God and knowing He says we are worthy of love.

      Also, I believe if we cannot love and take care of ourselves, I don’t think we can do those things properly for others.


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