Letters to Ghosts


So, I’ve resumed therapy and so far, I like the counselor. However, with my dad having passed away in ’92, digging into some stuff I’ve discovered this past year is proving draining and is most certainly affecting me. I feel poorly. Emotionally, I mean.


(Awaiting therapy appointment)

Not even poorly, really. More like sad… distracted… frustrated… apathetic at times.

Physically, I’m still feeling some better overall, and that’s huge. I can do so much more – in helping run the household, as well as having fun evenings out.

Received a check from Social Security for back pay for student benefits, and the approval and timing is a blessing. God always comes through for me. For my family.

Anyway, next assignment, write a letter to Dad.



Have any of you written to ghosts of the past?

4 thoughts on “Letters to Ghosts

  1. I’ve never done that, but just might do it now that you have mentioned it. I think a letter to my mother might be beneficial. I never told her how much I loved her because she was a very closed person and didn’t talk about or show her emotions much. I just always found it hard to talk to her about emotional things. I believe she had bipolar disorder and learned to hold her emotions in, like we do. MI just wasn’t accepted at all, back in her day.

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  2. I did that and took it to the grave and read it and cried and then burned it up to let it go. Was very hard but very healing. Wishing you well

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