Figure I Better Check In

It’s been four days since I have written. That would be due to a Fibromyalgia flare-up and depression. Which one kicked off the other? I’m reminded of the joke about the chicken or the egg.


Anyway, just wanted to say I’m alive. I continue to do the deep breathing and prayer during acute pain spells. Stretching. Walking. Going out tomorrow to see Ant-Man & Wasp. 🐜πŸ’₯ Hopefully, the getting out part and the film itself will help a bit.

Hope you guys are doing well. Treat yourselves and others with love. πŸ’–βœŒ

8 thoughts on “Figure I Better Check In

  1. Doing ok. The heat is extreme , right around 119 , hotter in the middle of Walmart parking lot. Staying inside . Desert living , summer style


  2. It was great chatting on Messenger with you in our mutual πŸ€• in the middle of the night. Physical pain just plain sucks!! I tried to get comfortable again for a bit, I succeeded but my brain and eyes went 😳😳😳 rather than 😴😴😴
    ((((GENTLE HUGS)))) & Thanks for being such an inspiration and source of support all these years!


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