Comorbidity ~ 7.10.18

Do you suffer from Bipolar and other chronic health issues? (Comorbidity) If so, what else plagues you and how do you manage it?


Let’s begin a discussion with the ultimate goal of helping each other.

I have Bipolar Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and lots of other mental health acronyms & fibromyalgia, which causes widespread sensitivity and pain. There are other conditions and autoimmune disorders, as well.

How do I handle it? Right now, not so well, but I am getting help from my doctors.

I suppose that’s one way of caring for myself. I must be my own advocate and have my psychiatrist and pain management doctors confer with one another in order to decide the best courses of treatment.

How about you guys?


12 thoughts on “Comorbidity

  1. I suffer from depression and anxiety and something called interstitial cystitis, so frankly I have nothing compared to you. Right now I’m managing it all well. It’s been a steep learning curve but I’m getting there. Stay strong and keep going. Big hugs. Katie x


    1. You keep going as well. And in my opinion, sounds like you have a lot. What you’re going through is painful and difficult for you. You don’t ever have to devalue yours or compare, you know. Thank you. 🙂💖

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      1. You’re very sweet and kind. But my troubles are so small in comparison so I confess I do feel humbled. You stay well and keep going and I’ll keep reading. Katie x


  2. Bipolar and GAD!! Sometimes difficult to distinguish between the two. Comorbidity is a fascinating topic; I wonder if and how each separate illness affects the others. Thanks for the read, love following you xox


    1. Oh, thanks so much. I appreciate that. I find comorbidity interesting because many people I know have a physical illness and it is limited to just the one. On the other hand, most people I know with a mental health issue have additional mental illnesses AND quite often, a chronic physical illness…often autoimmune. 🤔

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  3. I have bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety, and Chronic Kidney Disease. The way I handle it best is to have a good relationship with my treating doctors. Together we find the right meds and lifestyle for me to live with these illnesses.


  4. Bipolar, GAD, Major Depression, and Fibromyalgia. Right now I’m not handling it so well. I just had surgery for a herniated disc in my neck and they told me AFTER the surgery that I cannot take my fibromyalgia med for 6 weeks. Because it’s an anti inflammatory and they affect bone healing. My depression was already very bed and now I’ve got excruciating pain because I can’t take that fibromyalgia med. my pcp and psych are trying to get me to go to a hospital but I know they will not give me anything for pain in a psych hospital. No freaking way I’m going.


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