Support Resources

Support Resources ~ 7.19.18

So, my last blog entry was titled, “Ugh.” That remains an accurate description of what’s going on with me. In fact, it kind of makes things sound better than what they are, but it will do for this entry.

I’m thinking I need to join a support group in addition to therapy. I need to interact with others and hear different perspectives, different experiences, and so on.


I thought I would list a few websites and ideas for others to locate a support system, especially if he/she does not have a therapist.

Additionally, you can seek out support groups and connections through local churches, and you can call offices of local psychiatrists and therapists for their advice.

Let’s help one another. Support one another. Love one another.


Any other sites or tips you can offer, please do comment. Please share this page and blog. We need to take care of each other. #helpeachother

Be good to yourselves. #selfcare

4 thoughts on “Support Resources

  1. A person can go to Face Book and do a search of Bipolar Support Groups. There are several. I have personally never joined one . I guess I felt too paranoid about strangers knowing my name ? Yea, it’s weird. The closest NAMI meeting to me is about 100 miles away, so far I have not found a church that specifically has a support group for mental illness, and AA or ALANON meetings are pretty specific in what they deal with.


    1. Celebrate Recovery is interesting to me. Guess it depends who is running it. I’ve seen some be for any matter you have to daily manage that affects your health. Then, I’ve seen some that are just for those recovering from alcoholism and drug abuse.


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