7 27 18 blog entry

7.27.18 Blog Entry

One of the hardest things to do when I’m extremely depressed and experiencing anxiety attacks is…well…anything. So, today, when I wanted to hide under the cover (or drive to a hotel to sleep and cry) I managed to shower, put together a grocery list, made some quick, yummy pasta, and took care of a few bills. Also had a good talk with my son. This sounds like…well…not a lot, but when I’m this far down and pondering various methods of death, it is quite significant.


Therefore, just like I tell my son (he too has Bipolar) I’m congratulating myself and calling it a win!

3 thoughts on “7 27 18 blog entry

  1. There was no “Love” button on the blog, otherwise -I Love, especially being able to still have your wit and being able to converse from – as I told my sister I was in a while back – “The Pit of Misery” we looked at each other and said “Dilly Dilly!” 😊😊(If you are not a commercial watcher – from the silly Budweiser Ad where the dude mistakenly let a recently freed Excalibur sword slip back into the rock). Anyway when in the freaking Pit that is depression , you can converse, let alone do the other things…you are darned right it is a win!


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