Not Today

NOT TODAY ~ 8.9.18

So, I have read that some people with Bipolar, Depression and other mental health issues are in practice of applying makeup, making sure hair looks nice, using lovely scents of perfume and fragrant lotions (I don’t know where guys fit into this) often times feel better throughout the day and get more done. I’ve been trying it.

Some days it works.

Not today.


I’m in a lot of physical pain, and quite frankly, it pisses me off!

Second thing, Margot Kidder committed suicide. Another person with Bipolar has committed suicide. Damn It!


I’ll keep trying and let you know long term. Take care of yourselves and others. 💛🙏✌


9 thoughts on “Not Today

      1. Thank you for hoping I am doing well. These days, I actually am.

        I know all too well about not seeing our own beauty, but truly, you look stunning 😊


  1. Trying to understand how makeup feels one feel better, but I suppose in the wrong person to judge since I never wear it.


  2. I stopped wearing makeup as I could not afford it, and in depression could not care less how I look. Often one of my sisters encourages me to take better care of my face and to wear makeup. I find that ~98% of the time I wear it, I don’t like the way my skin feels anymore. I like my clean well moisturized skin better, though again the “clean” part often falls by the wayside when I’m depressed. I love the way a subtly made up face looks, I just don’t have the money, skill or often the energy to have that look.


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