Hey Houston

Hey, Houston ~ 8.13.18

I’ve had a few steroid injections as of late, and as ever, troubles followed.

“Houston, We Have a Problem.”


Not sleeping. Acting out of character. Not paying enough attention to finances.

At least so far it’s been a “giddy” euphoric mania, not dysphoric and rageful.

Only good thing is that I’ve been a lot more artistic, especially with writing. Those things tend to become dulled for those of us with this disease and the taking of mood stabilizers.

I can’t let it go on too much longer or become more intense. If that happens, I could easily be introduced to a behavioral hospital in San Antonio for the first time. I’d prefer not. Sigh.

At least, I recognize it. I’ve got family and friends helping me keep in check. It’s a trade-off. No steroid injections, the more intense the physical pain.

I could say the dilemma is unfair as hell, but I digress. Others are going through worse, and I knew this was a gamble. Still sucks, though.


Take care of yourselves and others, guys. ✌💛🙏

3 thoughts on “Hey Houston

  1. Glad you have the “giddy” high rather than the “angry” kind… though I can relate to the suckiness of having to deal with physical pain, I have never had steroid injections. I am so happy you have supportive family to help you through the high safely. Yay for the boost in creativity though!


  2. Oh Jen ! My personal experience with steroids brought on similar experiences . And the steroids I took were very low dose. Pain management is so difficult ! Opiates are soon to be off limits to us. Meditation works, to a degree. But meditation for me is something that I have to set aside a lot of time to accomplish the pain relief I need. And even then, my pain will be at a 5 or 6 , never completely eased . So , once again we walk that fine line of balancing side effects with the benefits VS the down sides


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