The Wall

I’ve not given up writing or on the blog. I’m just so tired from being in so much physical pain. It is absolutely essential I do the best I can to keep my mental and emotional health in check.

Sometimes, writing and sharing feel overwhelming. So, my only choice just now is to share that bit with you.


(Image credit Dax Fit Life.)

How are you guys doing? What do you do when you hit this wall?

Take care of yourselves and each other. ✌🙏💛

12 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. When I hit the wall……. I sleep. I get up to potty, I eat a little and then I sleep some more. Sleeping { therefore avoiding all stimulus} is the only thing that works for me …I’m talking about 20 or more hours a day. Problem is , when I stay in bed that long, my back hurts worse . I am sorry you are at the wall

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    1. I can see avoiding stimulus. I don’t have that as an option caring for mom and my teen son in school, as you know. And yeah, when one thing is necessary, like the sleep, and then it hurting your back, that is even more exhausting. That’s exactly what I’m saying about physical hurting mental and vice versa.


  2. When I get like stuck, I “swing”… just hold on to the rope and don’t let go. It is a very brutal sickness and it’s ok to have days like this. YOU are not failing, it is a chronic and persistent illness. I have a bag of tools I keep expanding as I grow and learn to manage (and I was diagnosed over 20 years ago), and I will try different ones from meditation, to forcing myself to be out in nature, baths… resting, etc. Some days are just hard. It’s ok, just hang on through these times and do the best you can. Pat yourself on the back for writing and asking for ideas!! :-).

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  3. When I’m physically and emotionally exhausted I sleep as well. When it is just the physical pain, I do stretches, use ice and change positions often. I also sleep a lot when I am only emotionally exhausted, that or journal privately. I also spend a lot of quiet time early in the morning to ground me. As a retired PT who specializes in manual therapy/body work, I like to work on family and friends when I feel sorry for myself because I no longer practice Physical Therapy. I have found a new creative outlet as well – volunteering for our local access cable TV channel. I am starting out videoing school board meetings once a month. I am also going to learn editing of video and how to upload finished version to SteGenTV website, YouTube channel and Facebook page. I am pretty excited about it. I will continue to pray for you and your family Jen. You are dealing with a lot these days, and physical pain on top of the rest just plain sucks!!

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  4. Become a little selfish. Part of the exhaustion is not being able to switch off your mind about all the things you need to do for others. Try very hard to pamper yourself in some way. Doesn’t have to be a big thing just about you. A bubble bath with music, a shade tree in a park, binge on a tv show or movie that makes you laugh… The wall is awful so I try connecting with things that are only about me and what I enjoy for a day or two helps.

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  5. It’s good to take time to yourself, we all need a break. I’m struggling with my voices and contemplating checking myself into clinic.

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