The Struggle Is Blah Blah Blah


Still struggling… with moments of being okay. I’m aiming for contentment. Almost there. Just flying high and plunging way too low, way too quick, back to back. Tired… and the physical pain – forget about it.


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Feeling defeated at times. Still know I’ll be okay. Thank God I’ve not lost the plot 100% and that I know that deep inside somewhere.

How are you, friends? Take care of yourselves and each other. Let us know here if you need help. 💛🙏✌


7 thoughts on “The Struggle Is Blah Blah Blah

  1. I am strangely content these days. I only say strangely as I have many reasons that in my past, I would be discontent. I am not “succeeding” in areas of physical fitness, financial status, or professional ambitions.

    At this time of my life though, I have never felt closer to the Lord than I do now. I pray continually. I have a running conversation in my head with the “dude upstairs” as I often think of him. I pray “dude” is not offensive to our Lord, somehow I feel it is not.

    I am full of gratitude for all of the wonderful things I have in my life right now – Family, friends, a wonderful Parish, satisfying side job involving dogs and cats, great new volunteer activities, a nice vehicle and a great place to live. I see beauty in my world every single day. The sunrise or lack of sun in which I study the clouds and/or rain. I see and enjoy flowers, trees and plants. I admire the crops growing in the fields around Ste Genevieve MO, the mighty power of the Mississippi as it rolls through/along side our town.

    I look forward to the future, the family vacation we have planned to Gulf Shores AL in January 2019. I try hard not to plan each week, day and hour – though those who know me will laugh, as yup, I’m a planner.

    Well, my comment got way way long, and all about me 😊. Jen, I’m happy you are not 100% lost in the plot? Your struggles are great, your burdens are many, yet your faith, your sense of humor and the love among your family shines bright. I will keep praying for you my friend!

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  2. Sleeping too much. I woke up depressed, but I haven’t had my coffee, so that might change. What is it about coffee? Are we that addicted to coffee’s and teas ? Anyway, I have a pot luck to go to tonight. I usually really enjoy these monthly gatherings. Today not feeling it .
    I feel like am just barely holding ground. I am not thriving. I feel stuck. Moving is not an option for a variety of reasons. Money being one of them.Retirement is not what I had dreamed of . I wanted to travel . Health issues have closed off that avenue ….sorry Jen. I’m just not feeling well. Maybe I’ll get back to you after my coffee ?

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  3. I’m doing ok, as the weather cools my mood is lifting.
    I have an awful time regulating extreme temps.
    Dealing with a couple minor health issues. Just happy my labs are within normal range.
    At this stage in the game I’m happy to be doing this well.
    Thanking God for my blessings.

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