Does BP Affect Your Opinion

Hey guys, so I have a question.

I know that based on Bipolar mood swings due to mania, hypomania and depression, we can feel very intensely in both directions. Poorly stated, I’m trying to say that we can be very down and depressed one day and have a very bleak look, and the next day have a very bright, happy, positive outlook. But I’m wondering, do any of you actually have what you feel like are two different people inside of you?

For me, the severity of the mood swings not only affects how I feel, but it can actually change my opinion. Core, important issues, such as abortion stance, death penalty opinion, welfare and food stamp refor….. Things of that nature.


Do any of you guys cross the line from one day to the next, or from one month to the next, depending on mood swings, and your opinion actually changing because of how you’re affected by the Bipolar? If so, how do you know where you truly stand?


5 thoughts on “Does BP Affect Your Opinion

  1. Yep I sure do. I switched my political party preference to Independent from Democrat as I swing from Conservative to Liberal views depending on my mood and what I’ve read or watched the most lately. When I am holding stable I retain both views so I pick Independent now.

    I tend to hold tight on abortion, the death penalty, and right to end your own life. The issues of social safety net programs I have opinions that evolve with more information I learn from both sides of the aisle. I continue to have empathy for mental and chronic illnesses and addiction issues no matter what mood I’m in though.

    My social demeanor is more like two separate personalities as well, depending on if I have swung from depression to hypomania/stable middle. I HATE Mania and try to avoid any triggers I have once I hit hypomania at all costs – avoid stress, get enough sleep, get enough quiet/prayer time every morning, etc.

    I guess I know where I stand when I am in a stable/hypomania as that is the level in which I am most of the time. The other moods are shorter in duration.

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  2. My core beliefs stay pretty much on point. I don’t swing back and forth on the ideals I believe in. Perhaps during extreme mania/psychosis , I felt there was a separate set of rules for me to live by……but society still had to maintain the core standards ….

    I’m not sure what you are describing sounds like a definition of bipolar traits ? I really don’t know .
    I always have one personality , either my depressed , or my manic , but the core beliefs are always the same.

    I am conservative . Not WAY Right, but far enough that I might butt heads with people over gun issues or abortion.

    I don’t know Jen…’s an interesting discussion

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  3. After an afternoon of research, I find that just because your mood is changing,either depression or mania, core values do not change. You are just more amped or more depressed, but the core values stay the same .

    On the other hand people with Boarder Line Personality Disorder do have changes in their core beliefs.
    Core beliefs are based in our personality. So even though we might be bipolar, our core beliefs stay the same .Because our personalities stay the same , we might be depressed or manic, but the core personality is still there .

    Boarder Line Personality Disorder is a fracture and brokenness of the personality. There for when the feelings of depression or mania will cause changes in core values .

    I found several articles on this subject. I just went through Google and found some interesting stuff.


    1. I disagree on a few points here. Mainly, I believe an episode can so intensify or numb my feelings on an issue, it feels like my core belief has changed. Might even affect my actions during an election, for example. Or something on a smaller scale like demonstrations and marches.

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  4. Let me clarify – my faith, my basic moral beliefs do no change. However politically I see both sides of many economic issues thus walk between both parties.
    Emotionally, I see how some may choose abortion or seek the death penalty or choose suicide or assisted suicide – I just cannot take that power that belongs to God.
    Personality wise I can be outgoing, friendly and engaged in life OR withdraw like a hermit depending on my mood. At my core I’m an optimist with strong faith in God and that does not change.

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