Irritated but Why

Watching carefully to see if steroid shot I received for my shoulder has thrown me into a hypomanic episode.


I’m quite irritable and not sleeping as much. However, I feel I have a right, long overdue at that, to be flustered with the people and actions that are bothering me, the stuff I termed irritable. And of course, I’m also awaiting brain MRI results – no fun. Plus side,  when I do sleep, it’s quality sleep.

So, as I mentioned, I’m watching carefully.

Hope you’re all well. Take care of yourselves and one another. If you need to, reach out for help or to just chat with someone. 💛✌🙏

3 thoughts on “Irritated but Why

  1. From my understanding, yes, steroids can make you hypo-manic/manic. SLEEP…sounds wonderful ! Waiting for the MRI results must be awful …hope all is well


  2. I agree, I’ve had problems with steroids. On the other hand, irritability doesn’t always lead to mania. My mania takes the form of agitation, and whenever I feel irritated I worry about the same thing. I’m always relieved to be “just” cranky or angry.


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