Honest- Know That Upfront

Honesty, letting you know up front that’s what you’re about to read.

Been sick. Can’t kick it.

MRI said early onset demyelination. That could be linked to two autoimmune disorders I already have, or early detection of MS.

My best friend isn’t talking to me anymore, and I’ve no idea why. It hurts. Badly. Maybe… maybe I’m just too much sadness, sickness, brokenness, cancerous … maybe it’s emotionally too much for her. Maybe she’s afraid my life is infectious.

I mean, yeah, I’ve got issues, but I’ve been there for her for years.


I don’t get it. And I have a lot of beauty in my life. And you know what? I think I do a damn good job of sharing that, too.

It’s not just her. Family is crappy towards me as well, but my best friend of 25+ years hurts wayyyy more than judgemental in-laws.


Just sick and tired right now.

3 thoughts on “Honest- Know That Upfront

  1. Losing the support of a long time friend has got to sting…ache…bruises the soul. I’m so sorry. We have such uncountable hurts in our lives as it is .What balm can I offer ? All I can do is point you to our God. And even then, sometimes our faith slips and slides. But remember Jen, HE is always there for you. Sending healing hugs


  2. Oh Jen, my heart hurts along with yours in the loss of your dear friend. I pray that somehow the friendship can be mended. I pray for healing in all areas needed, including your friend and you. Love you always!



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