Just Catching Up

BLOG ENTRY 10.15.18


Not doing well, guys, but wanted to check in and ask how y’all are doing.

Me, I’m struggling physically, even moreso than usual, and it’s beating me up emotionally.

However, I see a Neurologist on Wednesday. Maybe that will help. Seeing my Psychiatrist the following week. And I’m forcing myself to continue stretching and strengthening exercises. Sleeping a ton, though, because I’m in so much pain. Have hardly any energy. Definitely going to request new blood work.


Anyway, how are you guys doing?

Let’s continue helping each other and taking care of ourselves, even if that requires a new specialist every once in a while, followed by a relaxing massage.



6 thoughts on “Just Catching Up

  1. I am sorry to hear you are struggling and admire you for reaching out to check on others despite your own difficult times.
    I am struggling right now as well, financially and emotionally.
    Today would have been my 30th Wedding Anniversary had I stayed married. My dad died on October 5th 30 years ago…October has always been hard for me.
    Finances are tight and it shouldn’t be considering what I make, however I have many bills due to my manic period a few years ago.
    I will continue to have faith and know that things will get better.
    I will continue to pray for strength for you Jen, as you have much to bear in life. 💜((((HUGS))))💜


  2. Physical pain really can wear us down, especially when we are struggling mentally already. I hope the neurologist can help.
    I am doing fine and enjoying the warm and sunny fall weather here in Germany.
    Hang on in there!


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